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    Question help me type this person

    hi I've decided to make my first post on this forum, I also apologize for any error because I'm not exactly fluent in english

    I have this friend,ex friend? ex boyfriend? I don't exactly know what our relationship was because of his weird behaviors,not only they affected our relationship but also with typing his personality, in summary he was a living contradiction
    - very introverted the first time we met, barely talks and a very cold aura sorrounding him, easy introvert right? fast forward a week where we knew each other a bit better I see him telling all sorts of stories having literally a group of people in a circle sorrounding him while he tells them about his family and his ex gf reminding you that we only knew eachother for a week

    - he was realistic about his goals and future plans, while we were merely highschool students who dreamed about creating our own brands or travelling abroad he only thought about marriage and settling down with a nice girl and three kids

    -expressive with his feelings either towards his friends or romantically yet the way he usually speaks screams logic to me

    - remember the weird behaviors I mentioned before? yeah he was kinda manipulative, he liked to have other people do what he prefers and he liked everything to go his way everytime forcefully, this is what contricted the ISTJ personality

    he also had this habit of being just fine with people then cutting them off all of a sudden, happened to me about 4 times (sad i know)

    if you need any info that I missed about his personality let me know in the comments

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    The info is low but... There are some few guides (I dont consider any of them to be very good, somewhat good at best) of how to type people on the internet..

    If it is full of ideias, awkward, various dreams.. More towards being NP.
    The only passage of anything related to T/F is "logic screams to me", than T.
    About sociabilitity, he (or she? Whatever!) is or was a smart into being introverted first while slowly analyising you to see if you were going to react against him. I would pick X for I/E, the ones which are introverted or extroverted depending on the person and on the conditions (everyone does that in small degree, but not on a high degree).

    So, seems XNTP, but since you mentioned manipulation this whole thing could be a big lie and all I said was just what he wanted you to think instead of what actually is. Or perhaps you could pick ENTP because there is a stereotype of manipulation towards ENTP (Im not quite sure if I agree with this stereotype, but whatever).
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