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    -18 year old male that is currently in high school, Spends time talking with equally outcasted friends and coding in the library.

    - I was raised in a very unorthodox style of religious household, honestly I'm more inclined to say that it's more like a cultist style of culture in the way that they sort of bend the beliefs of Christianity to support their own views. I'd say I was a massive outcast among even my family. I was diagnosed with ADHD which I now think is actually ADD as I exhibit no symptoms of ADHD and way more ADD than anything else or maybe it's just the way my mind is wired. When I was 12 I self proclaimed myself and Atheist much to the dismay of my mother who begged me to reconvert on the pretenses that I would go to hell, however now I'm Agnostic since I've have time to rethink my beliefs on the world. I suspect my mother an xSFJ of some kind(No I'm not going to go on a hate thread about all SJ's being the spawn of lucifer in fact one of my closest friends is an ISFJ so. Don't know what point im trying to make so moving on I guess.

    -I was born with a naturally athletic body, however I've never felt like my mind ever fit the body I was implanted in to it, in fact half the time I fail to acknowledge my actually physical appearance. Generally people tell me that my shirt is on backwards even to this day, Generally I sometimes forget what my physical body looks likes, if I were to give an analogy on it, it would along the lines of me being lifted in in to an in-corporeal non physical form, especially if I daydreaming. I'm very physically uncoordinated constantly dropping cups, crashing into walls. Like a ghost in the shell. Weirdly off topic but I have two comfort blankets that I haven't let go, I can assume it's my minds attempt to compensate for a lack of a father figure so my mind partially personified the those two objects as they represent warmth and closeness which just so happened to be something I suppose I lacked. I was at one point peer pressured in to wrestling due to my mothers influence, and that of my "friends", I hesitate to call them friends at all since they were only a means to project my shadow personality on to in order to attempt to fit in. Many wrestlers would note my general odd behaviors and really random though patterns. For example I was in a discussion with a group of wrestlers that were talking about some pretty trivial stuff, out of the blue I asked with no context whatsoever, Who wants real life space whales?(I still want real life space whales.) What I thought would be the prelude to a fresh-topic was only the conclusion of my self worth as I was mocked further.

    -At school I was and still am depicted as a pretty low functioning individual by many students around as I was generally reserved and quiet, no thanks to the Special Education Program I was tossed in to it at a young age. My mind would take a long period of time to come to a conclusion as I was constantly and still shift with constant possibilities sort like a near incomprehensible series of interconnected webs with no end. I imagine to anyone observing this I would be seen as very slow. With the overall setting being the case This essentially shot myself self esteem and threw me in to a nasty state of depression throughout my middle school years and even as I type out this post as I am still in that very program, consumed with an ever constant gnawing hunger in mind only further ravaged by my constant doubts of my own intelligence or competence due to being patronized by a bunch of close-minded entitled fools that think they know what's best for the students but end up inadvertently promoting some very counter intuitive behaviors such as relying on short term memory and keeping creative thinking to a minimum and only if it doesn't exit the comfort zone of the rules. I know this might seem quite edgy but I certainly think it's relevant in the context of this post but to cope I would engage in some pretty self destructive behaviors, not going to elaborate further since I'm sure you can deduce what that is. Most of my "dream" jobs deviated from police officer, scientist, world master-mind, Inventor, Visionary(Which is technically the same) and artist, I have not come to the conclusion to which of these I might settle with but a part of me thinks neither of these will be the case. Some of my daydreams consist of creating alternate life forms from different universe to a massive super intelligence that lure advanced civilizations in to it grasps only to consume them, or just elaborate combat techniques for some inexplicable reason not really sure why that is but I was more interested in the technical aspect of martial arts than anything else, doing it myself was a different story.

    -I'm very, very lazy and tend to either finish my work late or not at all. Generally when I get home I spend a majority of my time on Xbox ranting with my friend about something pretty obscure like how the world could be mark for annihilation within the next Nano second or some type of philosophy, or we make self deprecating humor and criticize the world.

    -The few acquaintances or friends I have note that I'm extremely weird in comparison to everyone else and that my ideas are absolutely unrealistic and pointless, wow I just realized that I'm using this post as source to vent. Pretty sure I realized that in the first paragraph.

    -I love spending time alone brainstorming wacky ideas, however after a while I get extremely itchy and need to bounce my ideas off of someone, unfortunately I only have the one friend on Xbox to do that for me. Generally I feel extremely lonely at school and sit alone.

    -I've suffered multiple occasions of identity crisis's and have considered all 16 types, heck I'm not sure if I'm an introvert or extrovert. I've considered the idea that I'm possibly a pretty damaged extrovert that appears introverted but I am not sure and it is still up in the air.

    -I have considered myself very emotionally sensitive internally but have a pretty stoic external appearance. When I watch movies and the protagonist is suffering some form of hardship it's almost like I can feel the characters emotions within me. These feelings are generally extremely overwhelming and the thing is this has been an intrinsic part of me my entire life and hasn't gone away. When I see a someone being bullied whether it's a mentally disabled student or someone who had the courage a different opinion the emotion overload hits maximum overdrive, Is this Fe? I'm not aware of dichotomies but this might be it I think.

    Hope this is enough to work off of. (Sorry about the rambling it is just how I write)

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    Im sure about NP...
    Not quite sure about E/I or T/F, I would take INTP as a forced pick. Hope you get more opinions.

    I see a lot of Ne and a somewhat repulse for Si.

    Dont have ISFJs, its a bad idea, trust me... Unless there is someone controling them (and using them for con-trolling). But as NP getting a ISFJ misunderstood should be quite easy.
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