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    Default This Quiz Will Read Your Energy And Reveal What Essential Oil You Are

    This Quiz Will Read Your Energy And Reveal What Essential Oil You Are

    You got: Eucalyptus

    You have a warm and welcoming spirit, just like eucalyptus oil. People are drawn to your authenticity — you don't feel that you have to be the center of attention or put on airs to attract new friends. You simply let your true self shine, which leads to much more genuine relationships. And they're what keep you afloat.

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    You got: Ylang-ylang
    Let's not beat around the (ylang-ylang) bush here: You're gorgeous, bright, and desirable, just like ylang-ylang oil, which is considered an aphrodisiac for its arousing qualities. You don't let your inhibitions stop you from getting what you want — both in your career and your relationships. You're ambitious, to say the least.

    ✦ᏖᏒᎥᎮ ค ℓιɬɬℓɛ Ꮭıɠɧɬ ʄคŋɬคʂɬıƈ✦ -: ✦ :- ƒ O ᖇ G E ᗪ I ᑎ ƒ I ᖇ E ❋-: ✦ :-★ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ꜰᴇᴇᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴇʟꜱ★
    * ・゚ ・゚ * ⊱9w1✶S✶2w1✶X✶5w6⊰ * ・゚ ・゚ *
    ✦Շђєяє คяє ๓σяє тнιηﻭѕ ιη нєανєη αη∂ єαятн Շђαη คяє ∂яєαмт σƒ ιη уσυя ρнιℓσѕσρну.✦

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