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Thread: Soul type quiz

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    Hunter 13
    Caregiver 3
    Creator 10
    Thinker 15
    Helper 10
    Educator 7
    Performer 11
    Leader 14
    Spiritualist 9

    *eyes glaze over because he keeps getting the nerd archetype in any test*
    S K Y K I N G
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    "I like to encourage others to develop as human beings."

    I read this as... 'to develop as human birds'. How should I answer this question now..?

    “I can’t explain what I mean. And even if I could, I’m not sure I’d feel like it.”

    - J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye
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    What unites Spiritualists is a deeply held belief in a world beyond this one. You will have a desire to express your spirituality in some way, and may be drawn to religion or other spiritual practices. Many Spiritualists are highly intuitive, which is why you may have had psychic experiences in the past and why you will tend to use your sixth sense when it comes to decision making.

    You have a great deal of compassion, and may feel a strong need to create a better world, or to help people make the best of their lives. Charities and nonprofits are places where you and other Spiritualists can express your soul’s desire to help others. Whatever work you choose, you must feel you have a higher purpose. It is not enough for a Spiritualist type to simply pick up a check at the end of the week. There has to be a feeling that someone has benefited from your efforts. That’s why many doctors and healers are Spiritualists.

    Whether you know it or not, you frequently inspire others through your behavior. By expressing Spiritualist values such as compassion, fairness, honesty and altruism, you encourage others to live by these values—especially younger Spiritualists who will wish to emulate you.

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    Hunter 13
    Caregiver 9
    Creator 11
    Thinker 19
    Helper 10
    Educator 12
    Performer 10
    Leader 15
    Spiritualist 5

    Top 3: Thinker, leader, hunter


    Most Thinker types are cerebral, skeptical individuals, who often discount their emotions or intuition in favor of rational analysis. This intellectual approach to life can cause some Thinkers to appear restrained and unemotional to those around them. When hurt, they have to analyze or rationalize what happened before allowing themselves to feel their emotions. Once the emotions kick in, however, Thinkers can feel things as deeply as any other soul type.

    A love of books is one of the most common markers for this soul type. In fact, librarians are almost always Thinker types, as are most scientists, writers, and college professors. That doesn’t mean that every Thinker ends up in a library or university. They can find their place anywhere in the world, though they can always be recognized by their analytical approach to life.

    If you’re a Thinker, academic learning should come naturally to you, as should writing. You might find it useful to carry a notebook with you to help analyze your thoughts as they come. You will enjoy good one-on-one conversation, as this allows you to process your thoughts through discussion and analysis. Your life will be a constant search for knowledge and understanding.

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