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    Only did Harry Potter, since I don't know anything about the other series...

    Ok I took a look at GOT too. Can't complain about this one.
    Daenerys Targaryen 76

    I love dragons. And she's cool too.
    “I can’t explain what I mean. And even if I could, I’m not sure I’d feel like it.”

    - J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

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    Albus Dumbledore,
    Harry Potter 78

    Samwell Tarly,
    Game Of Thrones 77

    Filius Flitwick,
    Harry Potter 77

    Luna Lovegood,
    Harry Potter 76

    Horace Slughorn,
    Harry Potter 76

    Arthur Weasley,
    Harry Potter 75

    Brandon Stark,
    Game Of Thrones 74

    Game Of Thrones 74

    Remus Lupin,
    Harry Potter 72

    Tyrion Lannister,
    Game Of Thrones 70

    Severus Snape,
    Harry Potter 68

    Petyr Baelish,
    Game Of Thrones 67

    George Weasley,
    Harry Potter 67

    Ross Geller,
    Friends 67

    Andy Bernard,
    The Office 67

    C. J. Cregg,
    The West Wing 67

    Robert California,
    The Office 66

    Harry Potter 65

    Nymphadora Tonks,
    Harry Potter 65

    Hermione Granger,
    Harry Potter 64

    Chandler Bing,
    Friends 64

    Michael Scott,
    The Office 64

    Dwight Schrute,
    The Office 64

    Josiah Bartlet,
    The West Wing 64

    Leo McGarry,
    The West Wing 64

    Harry Potter,
    Harry Potter 63

    Moaning Myrtle,
    Harry Potter 63

    Olenna Tyrell,
    Game Of Thrones 62

    Phoebe Buffay,
    Friends 62

    Kevin Malone,
    The Office 62

    Angela Martin,
    The Office 62

    Abbey Bartlet,
    The West Wing 62

    Lord Voldemort,
    Harry Potter 61

    Minerva McGonagall,
    Harry Potter 60

    Alastor Moody,
    Harry Potter 59

    Sirius Black,
    Harry Potter 59

    Meredith Palmer,
    The Office 59

    Joey Lucas,
    The West Wing 59

    Daenerys Targaryen,
    Game Of Thrones 58

    Rubeus Hagrid,
    Harry Potter 57

    Rita Skeeter,
    Harry Potter 57

    Arya Stark,
    Game Of Thrones 56

    Tywin Lannister,
    Game Of Thrones 56

    Kelly Erin Hannon,
    The Office 56

    Jorah Mormont,
    Game Of Thrones 55

    Game Of Thrones 55

    Pam Beesly,
    The Office 55

    Stanley Hudson,
    The Office 55

    Toby Ziegler,
    The West Wing 55

    Donna Moss,
    The West Wing 55

    Stannis Baratheon,
    Game Of Thrones 54

    Phyllis Lapin,
    The Office 54

    Dolores Umbridge,
    Harry Potter 53

    Monica Geller,
    Friends 53

    Jim Halpert,
    The Office 53

    Josh Lyman,
    The West Wing 53

    Davos Seaworth,
    Game Of Thrones 52

    Jaime Lannister,
    Game Of Thrones 51

    Cersei Lannister,
    Game Of Thrones 51

    Asha Greyjoy,
    Game Of Thrones 51

    Jan Levinson,
    The Office 51

    Charlie Young,
    The West Wing 51

    Sansa Stark,
    Game Of Thrones 50

    Jon Snow,
    Game Of Thrones 49

    Margaery Tyrell,
    Game Of Thrones 49

    Ginny Weasley,
    Harry Potter 49

    Brienne of Tarth,
    Game Of Thrones 48

    Theon Greyjoy,
    Game Of Thrones 47

    Sandor Clegane,
    Game Of Thrones 47

    Bellatrix Lestrange,
    Harry Potter 47

    Game Of Thrones 46

    Oberyn Martell,
    Game Of Thrones 46

    Ron Weasley,
    Harry Potter 46

    Joey Tribbiani,
    Friends 46

    Ryan Howard,
    The Office 46

    Sam Seaborn,
    The West Wing 46

    Eddard Stark,
    Game Of Thrones 45

    Cho Chang,
    Harry Potter 45

    Joffrey Baratheon,
    Game Of Thrones 44

    Draco Malfoy,
    Harry Potter 44

    Fleur Delacour,
    Harry Potter 44

    Game Of Thrones 43

    Viktor Krum,
    Harry Potter 42

    Cornelius Fudge,
    Harry Potter 42

    Petunia Dursley,
    Harry Potter 42

    Kelly Kapoor,
    The Office 41

    Molly Weasley,
    Harry Potter 39

    Catelyn Stark,
    Game Of Thrones 38

    Game Of Thrones 32

    Robb Stark,
    Game Of Thrones 31

    Rachel Green,
    Friends 29
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    you are a Xenomorph Queen

    You are the center of the hive, both the leader and the progenitor. The survival of the hive depends on your survival. Drones and Warriors follow your orders without question, sacrificing themselves if necessary. You are huge, towering above most other xenomorphs. Your intelligence matches and likely exceeds that of your subjects. Your strength is unparalled by all xenomorphs, save that of the newborn and possibly the predalien, though their strength is best explained by a highly contagious strain of sequelitis. Although you appear large and lumbering, you are surprisingly fast for your size, if not quite as fast as Runners and Warriors. You really don't like airlocks and power loaders. Although the species can continue via egg morphing in your absence, the first priority of any lone warrior or drone will likely be to morph an egg that can produce a royal facehugger to eventually lead to your arrival and reign, as Queens provide a far more efficient means of reproduction.

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