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    This is interesting - I do only really see myself when I look ahead. I would say that being surrounded by loved ones is a high priority, but that's a pretty vague vision. Who will those loved ones be? I dunno. But I hope I have them and feel loved and safe around them.
    Took the words out of my mouth again. I am the cake, family & loved ones are the icing. You build from bottom up.
    Non mi snudare senza ragione.
    Non mi impugnare senza valore.
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    Tbh...I'm still not 100% sold on my stacking. I can relate to a LOT of what those who type as soc-last are saying. Yet when I examine other social-lasts in my life, I'd say that the things I dislike about those particular stackings...don't sound like my experience.

    The fact is, my stacking is my values system. It's more individual things about my general instincts that I hate. Like the parts of my dominant that cause me distress and self esteem issues (eg, desirability), my way of always feeling like an outsider, and my inability to sensibly plan my life. All 3 of my instincts are totally warped and non-functional idk. It blends together as this harmonious "my life is shit" symphony lol.

    Of all the problems I have, I'd say most aren't related to the instincts though. There's a lot I dislike, but most of the instinctual stuff (except for issues of the dominant) isn't at the top of the list.

    Sorry I know that's unhelpful. I may be able to formulate a better response MONTHS later after mulling it over.
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