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    Quote Originally Posted by Legion
    The difference is in function sequences. Can we change the order of functions, such that we start with something other than the dominant, yet such that it takes the role of the dominant? And so on.
    My own take has tended to be that I think one does functionally have the ability to change through life. It's kind of like an organism trying various strategies and finding the balance between what works against circumstances + is still consistent with oneself.

    But, I tend to think if there is such a thing as a core identity to the organism, there's a 'genuine' type behind it all.

    Overall, that's the same take you seem to find among the Jungian analysts. Daryl Sharp seemed to generally be of the view he's an introverted sensation type with auxiliary thinking. But he comments that there were various points in life when other functions functioned as dominant (including thinking at one point and introverted feeling at another).
    Von Franz says similar things about people she experienced/how as new functions enter development, it is actually important they remain at the forefront for some time to undergo some differentiation.
    And of course, Jung himself commented that the type is nothing static/changes through the course of life.

    It's probably similar to the general answer one can give to 'is there continuity of identity' -- we can scarcely even make a claim without assuming some continuity, and yet there is a sense that it is a theoretical assumption at the end of the day.

    I think with enneagram, I probably was pretty 1-ish at points, but I do think we settle into a 'deeper pattern' at some point, and my sense is mine is 6-ish...the deeper pattern is also a lot harder to get out of, because it is so well rationalized that it 'works' for us at some very core level.

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    Socionics is janky and we as a society should do more to roast it.

    And I guess it's inflation, but damn it's hard to value my two cents
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