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Thread: Global Turmoil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dareyth View Post
    I've seen many people theorize this explosion was intentional. This is also very similar to the Tianjin explosion.
    I thought about the Tianjin one the minute that they started talking about fireworks.

    I even wondered if labelling blasts like this fireworks was some sort of code word, like they know the actor responsible, whether he is a state actor, state sponsored terrorist (arent they all?) or some kind of independently operating psychopath.

    Then I remind myself that perhaps this is just attributing greater order to the course of events than is realistic or rational in a chaotic or at least complex world.

    That said I do think if there was intelligence on a neglectful regime out there it would be taken advantage of for sure. I'm sure the same thing happens on a global scale as does on a local, small or personal scale when predators discover vulnerable "targets of opportunity" in the community. It has never ever been so important that people do not turn a blind eye or adjust down their expectations as it will cost them dearly. The Malthusian death dealers are running amok everywhere.
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