As of today, my pea and carrot plants are all progressing nicely, and new radish seedlings are emerging.

A coworker also gave me several butterfly weed seedlings that he didn't realize belonged outdoors, so I planted them several days ago and they're doing just fine (circled in red). I'm super excited about these plants, as they are a favorite, they are more native (vs being from the tropics, or something), and butterflies love them. Also, they're a perennial that once established should grow every year, getting larger. They won't be flowering this year, but hopefully next year.

The plants circled in purple are the black-eyed susans I planted this year; I'll have to cull them down once they get a little larger.

Then the boxwood shrubs (circled in yellow) I transplanted from the work planters look to be doing ok; they were struggling after having not received enough water during the quarantine period when I wasn't watering them regularly. And, the begonia and marigold annuals have taken root / gotten over the initial week-or-so hump of not looking fantastic after planting.

So - yay!