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    Pass on any prizes, not that I'd necessarily win.

    Mix curry powder and brown sugar, then use it as a rub for grilled chicken breast. Dice grilled chicken breast.
    Plump up some golden raisins with some rum. Reliant on how dried and shriveled, this may take an hour or a few days in the fridge.
    Dice up some crisp apples and add some lemon juice so they don't brown. If you're into something a bit more exotic, substitute with young, diced jicama. I love jicama whether raw or stir fried.
    Finely dice up some red onions or slice some spring onions on the diagonal, whichever you prefer.
    Mix some real mayo (miracle whip sucks balls) with some lemon juice and lemon zest. Add some curry powder if you want more curry flavor but if you're like me, thenthitive to texture, grind the hell out of the curry powder to a fine powder so it's not gritty.
    Dice up some ripe mangoes.
    Mix everything together and garnish with coarsely chopped cilantro.
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    If anyone wants to be a judge PM me. You get to eat chicken salad and they all seem to be different so....

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