Hey, I'm a 21 year old female! I've been studying the cognitive functions for a while, but can't type myself. Help me?

  • I enjoy finding solutions for people's problems, getting to know what's happening and coming up with practical solutions.

  • I live a lot in my head and I'm not the most talkative, but when I do I feel great. What stops me is I care so much about what other people might think of me and I fear they might dislike me. Sometimes I fear I'm inferior to others.

  • I can be assertive.

  • I care a lot about others, and fear hurting them or leaving someone out.

  • I love parties and would love to have a more prominent social life, but for some reason none of my friends are into partying.

  • I attract introverts or people who "want to be saved" (I realized this not long ago). I had relationships where i was always favoring the other person's intentions and I never left them because I was scared of hurting them. I would always help them, be there for them even when they didn't reciprocate. Even when I realized it, if they asked for a favor or were in a sad mood, I would always be there for them because I felt bad for them and would almost instantly forget about all of the bad things, only to be hurt all over again. Since I've recognized this pattern, I'm now actually trying to avoid getting too emotional with other people, and starting to feel like their emotions and life is not my responsability.

  • I have some plans I'd love to do (such as YouTube videos, singing videos, since I've always enjoyed singing) but never post anything because I fear what others who know me in real life would think about it.

  • I'm a practical person, and admire people who are as well.

  • I tend to leave things for the last minute.

  • I'm not a big fan of books.

  • I'm always wanting to start new things.

  • I don't like theory and value the practical side of things.

  • I don't always do it, but when I feel confident enough to assume a "leading role", establishing a way to do things in a group setting and lead it, I feel like I a do great, but I always fear I might be acting too strict and cold or being too "bossy". That's why I don't do it more often (even though people never said anything about it to me).

  • I'm very quick at doing things and enjoy being effective.

  • I can admit when I'm wrong.

  • My parents say I've always been like this since I was a kid, making very logical arguments and points.

  • I value (at an extreme level) being included in groups and I fear being left out not engaging a lot with other people (it's a VERY big fear that basically consumes my life).

Thank you so much and feel free to ask anything!