Hi, I've done various tests, to exclude that I've manipulated the result I want some opinion. I don't write my result to avoid conditioning.

As a child I was very vivacious, when I was in company I never stopped and in elementary school I had difficulty sitting and I preferred to move, but unlike my peers I was more interested in reading, in documentaries ecc rather than sports and other activities. I liked to draw, but more than creating and inventing I tended to copy.

I also played the piano, they asked me to compose a song, but even here I needed a base to start with. At school level I was doing very well.
In the Secondary school the vivacious aspect has not diminished, I was studying, I wanted to do well, but after a while I started to skip the study and was more interested in playing football, video games and consequently school results has fallen. Nevertheless I already had a goal, to become a doctor: I couldn't say precisely why, I liked science, being able to treat other people, but not much more.

So I already knew that I wanted to study Medicine and so I chose the Scientific High School. Even here I was quite vivacious, ready to joke, but in this case it was above all to attract attention rather than wanting to be nice.
At school I was like that but with family and other occasion I was always calm and controlled.

I didn't particularly care about going out, I only did it on Saturday night, what interested me was football so much that I had almost changed my goal and preferred to become a footballer. On a character level I have always been one who wanted to be at the center, to command others, very competitive and I took it a lot when I lost or when things didn't go the way I wanted, I was stubborn, sometimes arrogant, too sure of myself, which I started to notice thanks to others because for me it was all normal.

3 times out of 5 I started the discussions or I took part in it and a few times I stopped thinking that it wasn't worth it, at most I stopped to avoid beating us because I thought about a possible complaint. In my group I was the one who always organized everything, from going out to matches, or who wanted to play a leading role when something had to be organized.

The only thing I cared little was the school: I wasn't a rebel, I took all the notes, I did my homework, but I just didn't feel like studying and I did it only the day before the exam. I have always been a person who, when he was interested in something, was looking for much on the Internet, books or other sources, all that could be useful to draw conclusions. It was not just out of curiosity to learn, but to be able to use what I found.

After high school and after a brief internship in the hospital, I realized that is not for me and I preferred to start a degree in Business Administration in order to work at the administrative level, but above all to have control and make decisions, exactly what I did and wanted to do in my group of friends, in fact I have often been reproached for always wanting to do it my way.

I have made this choice because I am interested in the "position of control and power", to have more knowledge because I am mainly interested in starting my own business, or, if it goes wrong, being hired to play a senior role (like CEO).
Sometimes I imagine future scenarios and I thought about how to act to be prepared according to situations.
I started working out, I did research and I created one training based on my goal.
What cognitive functions do you notice the most?