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    Default infjs do you ever?

    infjs do you ever get so absorbed into emotional stimuli be it art,music people ect...that you loose your own personal idenitity?
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    Yes. But I'm not sure I am INFJ. But....yes.

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    I try not to lose myself but in social situations, I want to understand people, so I end up adapting to their social energy in a way. In these situations, I may try to understand what they're all about and they're motivations, and I want to get along with everyone.

    I don't let go of my interests or who I am but I am interested in figuring out who they are, and am easily influenced by the emotional atmosphere. I can pick up things pretty quickly but other things may go over my head and I need time to process, or I may pick up when I think about the situation later. There are many times when I'm unable to put into words how I feel because I'm so wrapped up in how others feel. Or if there is music playing or anything like that, I get lost in thought if I connect to the music at all.
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    No. That doesn't sound like me at all.

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