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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellena Handbasket View Post
    Its not being known, so much as being accepted. Him loving me fully for who I am and the feeling that I can be totally open and honest and myself with him.
    it is hard for me to take acceptance seriously if the person doesn't know what they're accepting... if i ask a three year old if they want a knuckle sandwich, their acquiesce isn't something that should be taken seriously... if a person says "i love you just the way you are", it doesn't mean shit unless they actually know who you are...

    sure, being accepted is a best case scenario after being understood, but you can't have a genuine/meaningful version of it without that foundation to build on...
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    Of course people shouldn't start out accepting everything that comes their way, no questions asked. That would be weird and a major red flag.

    But it does take time to build that foundation of trust where you can start sharing yourself with somebody without worrying that you'll get rejected or embarrassed for being who you are. It's not about knowing somebody else on that mystical deeper level the OP seemed to suggest, you don't even have to go that deep to appreciate and accept a person.

    Your partner doesn't have to like everything about you and expecting that is immature, but if they can't accept the idiosyncrasies that make a person, then there isn't much of a foundation to build on anyway.

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