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    Default Which type would write lyrics like this? (Type me based off lyrics i wrote)

    Hi! I am a rapper and I put alot of thought into my lyrics, and i was wondering if typing me based off a song i wrote on my newest project would work, especially because people describe my style as very honest, authentic, and personal.

    Here's a link: home by e.k | E K | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Growing up i always wanted to be somewhere else
    Not cause i was sad, or cause i was in bad health but
    Cause i was wanderlustful, hated being in bubbles
    Because for all we know tomorrow this shit could go crumble!
    Was kinda distant as a kid, 'cept for when we'd adventure
    Nothing better than being absorbed into the cultures
    Or seeing other homes just, keep looking at posters
    Or places on google maps, Japan i got my hopes up
    Ay, I guess i found home in not being there
    Focused on what could be with an optimistic flair
    That life turned to a 180, thought i was going crazy
    Had countless crises on identities i was debating
    360'd that boy, aint no red rings of death here
    at UIC I gotta be just living my best years
    And always stay on the grind, keep on cooking up the rhymes
    So you can make an impact on the world in your time
    Bruh you're the shit but just remember don't you ever get too cocky
    That type of attitude leaves you dismembered with the cops e-
    specially cause you're black, take a look at the facts
    We try to make it home but some ain't never coming back
    And i got lucky, and made it just for all the holidays
    But Christmas ain't that jolly, lame, i wonder who's really to blame?
    My home's changed and yeah that could give me pain
    But instead imma create some more under my name
    Because I'm finding myself

    Yeah i'm finding myself
    I need to go home

    What's a home to me, and what's a home to you
    Is it where you can say it all and really act a fool
    Or is it where you can relax, jack off to the baddest
    Sip on some Corona and then go and play some Madden
    Maybe it's when you're really out there on the field with your helmet
    Or your cleats or your Jordans, and when the ball goes in
    You count that as a bonus, cause playing's what the point is
    You do it for enjoyment, and not for all the coins, but
    You're human, and taking L's hurts sometimes
    Being with your girl or your guy makes it alright
    You know whichever way you ride, they might not know that they're your type
    So y'all better go and show 'em 'fore the relationships lights turn off
    Damn i was scared to move into that home, was it 'cause of my backbone?
    Or because i had grown to find home in these beats instead, catharsis of my head
    Turned into killing all these other rappers with a pen!
    Might go make a couple M's, long as i find home in it
    Work can't drain your soul, if it does change up your goals, because
    What's the point of living if you don't end up happy?
    Or making any difference? Yo I can say i've witnessed-
    people drifting along, without some drive myself included
    Didn't have the slightest clue where I'd end up, thought i'd be ruined
    Now I don't know exactly where this ocean will end
    But imma keep on swimming in it 'till I bump into land
    Because I'm finding myself

    Yeah, I'm finding myself
    I need to go home
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    It might help if you share some details about your process, how to you find the words you seek, why do you choose the subcets and words you do? etc... Different types might choose the same words but the how and the why might shed light on narrowing it down...
    With all due respect,
    -Eryn Silverfrond

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    Ok, i'll explain my thought process. So basically this is the last song on my new project called "i'm home". That whole project is about finding yourself and your true identity, and where you feel the most comfortable basically. There are a bunch of interludes throughout the project that link everything together where i ask my friends if they can find home in certain people, places, and things, and this song is supposed to be the culmination of it all. The first one asks if you can find home in a person, and then it goes into a song about relationships and being open, the second one asks if you feel at home with yourself, and then it goes into a song about depression and the mental health stigma and how it extends all the way from famous people who have people constantly watching them, to people in minority communities and how it can be connected to systemic inequality, the third one asks if you feel at home in America and then it goes into a song about how everything in life is a giant contradiction (including the american dream and american "freedom"), the fourth one asks if you can feel at home while not being at your physical home and goes into a song about how people all over the world, from America to Ethiopia, can want to escape their current living situation and want to work hard to get somewhere else.

    The final interlude is in the middle of this song, home, and it's asking just what is a home to you? The first verse of the song explains how I've grown to feel more at peace about me not knowing exactly how everything in my life is going to work out, because for most of my life i've been an optimistic person who wants to see everything in the world and found "home" in seeing new places (not at home), but for the past 2 or 3 years i went through a period of bad depression where i just had no idea who i really was and had no answer to what type of person i wanted to be, what i wanted to do with my life, what image i want to present to the world, and how i'm going to make the world a better place. It was a complete identity crisis because i thought i was a failure for not knowing the answers to these questions (mostly due to pressures from school and especially family), but now i realize that it's perfectly ok and normal to not know, because one of the main points of life is to live it to the fullest and figure out more of who you are everyday, and instead of looking at finding where you feel at home as an impossible challenge, I should look at it as an adventure. Hope this wasn't too rambly lol
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