Hi, I'm trying to figure out my complete type (MBTI+Tritype with wings+Stackings) and I'm quite sure that I'm an ISTP 8w7 3w4 (still don't know the exact order) but I'm having a bad time with my head type.

Discussing the 8w7: World is bad and unfair and everybody has to take care of their personal interests, this is my worldview which really reflects the 8. However I don't really care to be at the top of the hierarchy, I want to be respected, recognized and also have power, but don't want to be the boss of the bosses, too much complications. Also if I'm not really emotional, I'm protective: in the past it happened to me more than once to humiliate or attack someone who had attacked my family or friends and to be honest I really enjoyed it. This made me think that my head type could be a 6, but I lack that sense of responsability and humanitarian justice which 6 is known for. The w7 is because of my recklessness, it's quite common for all my friends (also in different groups) to joke on this, probably because of the aggressive demeanor that I hinted before.
Discussing the 3w4: I am really image-conscious, more in the sense of a 3w4 because of my introspection, and my need to prove my identity for what I do, like the job to choose, the life I wanna do etc.. (I exluded the 4w3, which is too emotionally-intense and drama-inclined) I also tend to need admiration and recognition. Another bonus for 3w4 is my tendency to romanticize myself, however not in the extreme way a 4 do it. Switching groups I easily change behavior depending on the circumstances

At this point, I'll list for each head type some similiraties I find in myself:
5's similarities
- Detached and cynic
- Somewhat sensitive
- Tendency to isolate myself in stress periods
- Fear of rejection (but could be a subcategory of the fear of humiliation, coming from my type 8)
- Easily look at myself in a third-person POV, expecially in social situations (possibly for the 3)

6's similarities
- Often dislpay counterphobic behavior
- Really protective of the few closed ones (this too could derive from the 8)
- Usually loyal in an intimate relationship
- Supportive
- Sometimes self-doubting

7's similarities
- Recklessness
- Often impulsive
- Imaginative
- Indulgent in unhealthy hobbies
- High-procrastinator

I would appreciate very much if someone gave me their opinion on the matter.