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    Default infjs are strange?

    infjs seem to have this ability to hypnotize themselfs(auto hypnosis)
    just by vizualization they can create emotions and some can even genuily faint at will

    so 1) are you infjs able to cry at will
    2) do you infjs find it easy to hypnotize yourselfs? into different states of emotion,feelings,situations?
    a guy on youtube called rens room said its due to fe, being able to put yourself so vividly into a situation?

    if so explain?

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    I do agree, we are odd unnaturl creatures.

    For the crying thing, I generally don't cry all that much but I go through phases where I cry a lot. I don't always show everything on the outside but there is a lot going on on the inside. There are times when I know I should be expressing more but I just naturally can't. I can force cry but I assumed that everyone had ability and its unrelated to functions, types, or anything like that...

    I can kind of control my thought process, and keep certain feelings at bay, but literal hypnotism, not so sure about that. I can't make a feeling go away, I can just control how outwardly I express it. My fe does try to figure out what other people are feeling and I may naturally take on that mood if I manage to put myself in their shoes. It doesn't come 100% naturally when under stress.
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