I thought I'd share some TV shows that I think are less well known and which I appreciate a lot, what shows do you think should be more well known?

There some shows which have disappeared altogether now and there is no real record of them, like RTE's Zig and Zag, whose content was mainly live childrens television presenting but the closest thing to some of the more random and anarchic youtube content of today, it generated merch, spin offs like Dustin the Chicken, Podge and Rodge (who had their own TV show and more people know about as I think it was late enough that a lot of content was uploaded to youtube).

There is some content uploaded to youtube from fans, people who taped it of the TV, some of its pretty random (they met Trump before he became full on villain for the capitalist illuminati), but most of it is a later iteration of Zig and Zag, the version that make a "break through" on UK TV appearing on "The Big Breakfast" and "Thank God Its Friday", both Chris Evans (who is now a radio DJ but was at a time a one man performance industry). I dont like the later stuff really.

I dont know whether or to include it as a TV show but Jack Black has a hugely popular youtube channel now: