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    Default NF Idealists and anxiety.

    I wonder if anyone suffers from anxiety? I say this because I suffer from panic attacks everyday. They have been getting real bad everyday. Do any of you NF Idealists suffer from panic attacks? Any advice would be very useful as I learn to relax and not sweat the small stuff.

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    Well, first off, you should talk to a therapist or doctor, because they're going to be able to help you more.

    One thing that has helped me somewhat is to make sure I don't hold my breath, that I breath well, and try to reground myself by paying attention to what sensations I'm feeling (what I hear, see, taste, can feel on my skin, etc).

    You can try to get some of the excess anxiety out with exercise or creativity.

    Don't beat yourself up over having panic attacks or anxiety. Make sure you are kind to yourself. Try to talk to yourself the way you would talk to a close friend.

    I hope you find relief soon. You are welcome to add more details, if it would be helpful and not too painful to do so. Do the attacks relate to your idealism, do you think?
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