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    Default Why 9s like personality typings more than other types?i

    I had a thought about why I was so interested in finding my personality typing and getting it right in the first place and I realized that it’s because I have no idea who I really am. Before now I sometimes felt like I didn’t have a personality of my own or would have trouble talking about who I am and what I value when asked. I have a poor sense of self awareness. I chased so hard after a personality type because I wanted it to tell me who I was, as I had no idea myself. If that makes sense. I still doubt it frequently, mainly because I’m unsure if I’m really really right, because I don’t have a strong grasp of who I am. I was wondering if this was a common thing or if there is some kind of a connection here? Maybe 9s are over represented in things like this? For similar reasons?

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    Im not a 9 core, but I have a 9 fix. I feel very much the same way with my identity. The lack of certainty, and desire to discover who I am. Its really quite odd, because sometimes I feel my identity is strong, but the moment it comes in comparison to others it faulters and seems to weaken. It definitely has to do with boundaries. 9s don't seem to have them, and that means we get overwhelmed and kinda "mix" with others. 9s probably adopt traits of people they are around. Resulting in less individual identity.
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