Te- 9.52- YouTube (Great example- Te is a very fact based function, they like to learn facts and recall them. 10.58 is also Te. Great example of Te dominant eyes aswell )
Another example- 30.06- YouTube ( It's pure Te- If you hear people recalling information in this way, they're most likely Te types )

Ti- 3.55- YouTube ( "I can pick the 911 official story apart", if you hear a person talking about ripping things apart they're almost certainly a Ti type. 11.36 is also Ti. Great example of Ti dominant eyes aswell. Ti types are stereotyped as conspiracy theorists. In my experience it's not far off. For example i have an ESTP cousin and i got to know what Ti is from spending time with him.

He'd connect up all kind of strange things and it'd be incredible to witness, this describes him perfectly- "some narrowly expressing ESTPs can sometimes find themselves isolated because of the unusual things they believe about people and the world - particularly in regard to the reasons they believe certain things happen. The ESTP is extremely familiar with the workings of the immediate, rational world of the senses, but because their Intuition is a virtually unconscious function, their ideas about things outside their ken can quite often be extraordinarily quaint, superstitious or just downright bizarre, and their thinking can weave some amazing logic to support these beliefs"

Ti types don't accept facts, you give them something they take it apart and learn about it from every angle, it's pretty extraordinary.
Practical things too- 2.08- YouTube (James May is an INTP, it goes to show they can be practical, Tony Stark is an NTP also, so it goes to show we shouldn't stereotype).