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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacrophagus View Post
    I'm curious to know how you figured this one out.....

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    I really don't know. One a test from here, I came out with a strong preference for Kinesthetic with auditory and visual tied.
    I have a VERY hard time picturing images in my mind. I think in words.

    If I'm at a lecture, I have to be able to SEE and hear the speaker. Even though my hearing is okay, I have (what I call) "delayed hearing". Someone can say something, but I don't always process what was said right away. It sometimes takes up to a couple of minutes for it to come together. Though I'm no lip reader, seeing the movement of the mouth and formation of the words helps me to process what was said faster.
    In addition to that, I have to take a LOT of notes. I try to write everything as close to word-to-word as possible.
    If I'm trying to learn something, on my own (or even keep characters in a story straight), writing it all down helps me remember.

    When it comes to music, I play instruments by ear (clarinet, flute, piano), but I can't read music and chords don't make sense, so it's just the basic melody. I remember tunes MUCH more than lyrics.

    When it comes to learning crafts, I turn to YouTube. I learned the ripple pattern there. I don't know how many hundreds of hours I've spent making bags and blankets with that pattern; yet every time I start a new project, I have to pull up the video to get me through the first steps. I just can't remember them.

    Math makes nearly zero sense to me. For instance, why is a Quarter 25 cents yet a quarter til 4 is 3:45 rofl. It's been explained to me, countless times, but I just don't get it. I diagnosed myself with dyscalculia. I'm 44 years old. I KNOW I'm right handed, but if anyone tells me "turn right up here", I have to place my hand over my heart (imitation of saying the pledge), in order to recall it. Trying to visualize a map makes me, legitimately, light-headed

    So, I guess, I actually have a preference for auditory? Would writing things out be considered kinesthetic or visual or both lol

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    Visual. It's weird, because during college, I would write these long essays about everything I needed to remember before a final, and then during the test I would visualize the answer from what I had written. It would just come to me, as a photograph.
    Charts are immensely helpful, too, and this is something I end up doing in meetings. Next thing I know, all that is being said is turned into visual charts in my notebook.
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