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    Default Disintegration point in tritype

    My question is as follows:

    Say your point of disintegration (or alternately, integration) is also a type in your tritype.

    To give my personal example: just suppose I am 9>6>5, then 6 is both in my tritype and the point of disintegration of my main type, 9.

    So if I am acting "6-ish" would I be right in saying this would mean either I am disintegrating, or I am acting out another point in my tritype,
    and that this would need to be discerned contextually, i.e. instead of reasoning like "I'm being 6-ish so I might be disintegrating", instead just ask "am I or am I not disintegrating?"

    So is that the right way to look at it - my 6 traits when they come about could mean either one thing or the other? Or does it mean both? Any thoughts?

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    From what I know, disintegration/integration are less accurate than just having traits on both the high and low sides of both points, but who knows because the Fauvres are sketchy sometimes. Personally, I do think this makes more sense than straight up integration/disintegration.

    Anyway, my boyfriend is difficult to type because he's very 6-ish and 9-ish. I have no doubt that those are the first two numbers in his tritype, and he seems to just toggle between the two.

    If you really want to discern which mechanism is active, I suppose you could analyze if the 6-ish behavior is an unhealthy response to a 9 gut trigger, or if it's an expected response from a head trigger. Better put, is it being triggered by fear/anxiety or anger? If it's the former, then it's probably a head reaction and therefore the fix. If it's the latter, then it's a gut reaction and more in line with "disintegration".
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