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    Default Cracking down on my MBTI type, help me be certain ^^(Questionnaire + Face Typing)

    1-what makes you angry?

    Annoying noises/loud noises, manipulation, abusers, people who immediately shut others out, criticism(like out of nowhere)

    2-what do you like/dislike most about people?

    I'm drawn to people who are sociable but not overbearing, passionate, open-minded and funny. I dislike it when people are close-minded, judgemental, obnoxious and manipulative.

    3-do you like animals? why?

    I love animals! They're cute and cuddly, and most times nicer than humans. I love having a furry best friend. Wild ones are very fascinating and beautiful.

    4-what do you like most about the favorite people in your life?

    I love my dads' easygoingness and dry yet cheesy sense of humor. My stepmom is caring and creative and we like discussing ideas together. I like how my best friend from high school friend is cheeky yet has a big heart. My college friend is supportive and my foreign friend is very passionate and knowleagable about her different interests. My grandparents are very devoted and are great listeners.

    5-what do you like/dislike most about yourself?

    I like my openmindedness, my curiosity, my good sense of humor, and my ability to see the best in others. I dislike how I back down too much, am spacey and overthink things a lot(anxiety much).

    6-do you care about being fashionable? why/why not?

    Yeah, though it's more of an interest. I use fashion as a way of expressing myself. I like looking good, using fashion as art. Scarves, snapbacks, viking jewelry, pins. At home though I can easily go all day in my PJs

    7-do you prefer to fit in or stand out?

    Stand out! I've always wanted to be known as unique and creative!

    8-what activities do you enjoy?

    Cooking, listening to music, playing board games, going to restaurants, going on road trips, reading, looking at/making art, shopping, gardening, watching TV, gaming, spending time with loved ones

    9-what makes you feel secure?

    Steady relationships, my music(both an interest and coping mechanism), being good with money, good grades, being with animals, nature, nostalgia

    10-do you like being in a relationship? why/why not?

    I do. I just want to feel loved, feel important. Have that one loyal person to depend on. I also like giving love and making people happy-thoughtful gifts, surprise hugs, kisses, planning the dates, etc.

    11-what do you love and why? Could be people, things, places, etc...

    I love going to the fair. The rush of the thrill rides, the wacky fried foods, the animals, the intricate crafts of the vendors. I love video games-I get to create my own characters and immerse myself in another world. I also love board games for the mental challenge and competition. I love music, how it tells a story and makes you dance. I love cooking-piecing together different ingredients and flavors to create something delicious. With that, I love food. I like reading about history. It's interesting to see how things have changed over time-people, fashion, science, technology. I love travel; I haven't gone far, but it's fascinating seeing what different towns and countries have to offer, meeting the different cultures. I love nature-it's peaceful, I love checking out all the unique plants, and it's just gorgeous.

    12-what do you spend the most time thinking about?

    Random wishes, the music in my head, loved ones, cooking, favorite TV shows, games, the future

    13-How much have you changed over the years? Who were you as a child?

    As a child, I was quite the creative one. Drawing, inventing, writing, making up random characters, making jewelry. My social skills were...varied. I remember how in 4th grade how while I was independent and preferred to stick with my best friend, I loved reading my stories to the class and sharing my passions with other people. For instance, I was obsessed with magic and fairies, so I made homemade wands to share on the playground and recruited people for a magic club. But then in middle school I became terribly shy and withdrawn. I wonder if this was trauma because there was a lot of fighting at home. Today, I'm still shy(Always been shy), but not at middle school level. When I was interested in something, I had to learn everything about it(That hasn't really changed though). If it was a favorite TV show, I'd read up on all the character bios. When I fell in love with cats I'd read about all the different breeds.

    Update: What the hey, let's try a visual typing!
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    Hmm I thought NFP at first but after looking through the enneagram thread you made I think you're an ENTP.

    (enneagram 7, with some 5 and 9)

    The curiousity and trying new things is Ne and 7
    The wanting to keep to yourself is Ti and 5
    The seeing the good in others and mediating is Fe and 9

    (I think)


    Also I think that the things that make you angry and that you dislike in others may be your "shadow traits" which is worth keeping in mind for if/when you want to do shadow work.
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    Visual typing: I'm no where near as confident with visual typing as I am with textual or vocal typing (though sometimes I get a clear impression), but ENTP certainly seems reasonable.

    If ENTP is correct, then visually I would say you may be the kind of ENTP that can come across as Fe dominant.
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