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    Default Regeneration of Cochlear Hair to Reverse Hearing Loss

    In the past, they regenerated inner ear hair in the cochlea region in guinea pigs to reverse hearing loss from destruction or damage to the hairs, using progenitor cells found in the human intestinal lining.

    RNA Injection Restores Hearing in Guinea Pigs | The Scientist Magazine(R)

    Now, they're at stage 1 of human trials which tested for a viable delivery system. It's going to take years to perfect but if you suffer from cochlear hearing loss, there's serious hope!

    Frequency Therapeutics’ First-in-Human Safety Study of FX-322 for Hearing Restoration Achieves All Endpoints | Business Wire

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    I'm pretty sure I mildly damaged my hearing this way with music, so this is nice for me to see.

    Also, if the last three threads here are something you're doing on purpose, thank you. Even if not, there's a much needed positivity in taking time to look at developments like these.
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    I'm sharing information that members might also find of interest.
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