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Thread: Meet Sophia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powehi View Post
    What do you think of her AI? What do you think of consciousness related to AI? Is she really joking when she says she will destroy humanity?

    Not sure why, but I love her I actually do.
    This brings up the philosophical question of "What is consciousness?" Like think of the Chinese Room thought experiment. It's set up where a person who does not know Chinese has a conversation in Chinese by slipping a paper under the door by following a set of instructions. Does he know Chinese, or is he just simulating a knowledge of it? Another point are the questions that appeared in fiction Asmiov's 3 laws. They all fall apart as a robot would need to know what is a human, so you'd have to program the definition of a human, but can you really define what a human is, in all cases?
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    A chatbot with a face, but no where near as cool as Tay.

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