I read these amazing shorts on facebook or in science and technology blogs or even see them in BBC Click news coverage shorts about these amazing innovations they have developed in terms of bionic technology or automation or one thing and another, I'll confess that the area of medical innovation interests me in particular, the full implications of the mapping of the human and other genomes, gene therapy, regenerative medicine, all the talk about aging as a disease and a preventable and reversable one, cures for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and sometimes I see the same stories over and over again.

In particular there's one about some sort of animal called an Axolotls which at first I thought was trolling, like it was a made up name Axo Lot LOLs, but this animal is like a miracle animal, regenerative properties, grows back lost limbs, highly resistant to cancer and all sorts of things but its climate is being ruined by pollution, so it could be a case of hey, we found this thing and it holds all the answers for becoming immortal but we destroyed all but a few of them during our whole irresponsible phase/epoch, oh, well.

Anyway, my point in this thread is to ask a question, I read these stories and yet I see none of what is being reports actually filter down into actual medicines available from my local health service, in fact I dont know anyone who has it available to them, not even national or international elites (though I know the real elites are precious of their privacy and can be secretive even in ways that the average member of the population is not), so I was wondering is there just a huge distance between the "signal to the noise", like when they say its possible they arent mentioning its likely to be eons from now and you'll be stardust as will probably everyone you know by then, or is it just baloney to begin with?

If it is just baloney, is it essentially 9/10s fantasy and dreamwork which is making the news these days?