Although I outgrew UFOlogy a long long time ago, I am pleased to see that the government denials are gone. I'm also pleased to see that the Pentagon even has its own code term for UFOs: "Beyond Next Generation Technology."

This indicates that the Pentagon takes these things seriously. I don't pretend to know a single thing about UFOs (or the MiB who would allegedly threaten ordinary citizens to keep quiet about them). I don't know if they come from present-day Earth, from an alien world, from another dimension, from an underground civilization, or from Earth's future. They could be angels, they could be devils.

I do know this, from personal experience: I was in the backyard during a warm summer late afternoon, with a perfectly cloudless sky, before the sun set. I happened to notice a light in the sky that wasn't there before. I have been into astronomy and knew that it couldn't be Venus, because it was shining in the eastern half of the sky, while the sun of course was setting in the west. I have also spotted Venus with binoculars during full sun because I had calculated where it would appear in the sky at that time, and it wasn't far from the Sun from Earth's perspective.

What I saw that day was nothing spectacular. A light that, I think, should have been moving, unless it was a hovering helicopter. I kept the helicopter theory in mind while I stood there gazing upward waiting for it to move like any familiar flying object should. But it did not move. I stood there for hours, while it "stood" there for hours. I waited for the sun to go down, so if the glow from the object was the sun's reflection I would know it when the sun went down. The object slowly disappeared as the sun set deeper into the west. So it was a reflection, but off what kind of reflective object that can just hang there in the sky?