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Hmm a lot of this lingo is new for me. Any suggested links to help a noob get up to speed?
Well, when I switched the thing that helped me was to make it hard for me to "run back home to mommy". Make sure that you will have to use the linux machine. When there is some trouble you will most likely find the answers online. They will be something you need to copy/paste into the terminal, but don't worry, I don't understand anything about that code, but manage just fine. UbuntuForums is nice resource. And ubuntu would be good to start with. It has been getting so user friendly that if you had two complete newbies starting to use computer, one on windows, one on ubuntu, I bet the one using ubuntu would learn faster.

Oh, BTW, has anyone tried CrushBang linux? I've been running it for a while on my old laptop and it is sweet.