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Thread: Spider Minds

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    I’ll be sure to not take any of this into account the next time I’m terminating one with extreme prejudice.
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    Even plants show calculated behavior. I don't think we have a complete grasp on what it means to be conscious. There is even a theory that everything in the universe has consciounsness: Panpsychism. Now, I am not saying that I agree with said theory, but it's all interesting to consider and toss around in the old mind cave when you're bored. I do think that mankind has elevated itself in an incredibly arrogant and narrow-minded manner, putting us at the top of the animal kingdom. And yeah... I get it... we use tools and have advanced language and are innovative, blah blah blah. But, so do other animals and it's rather self-centered to think that we know all there is to know about an animal's self-awareness. And what if plants have actually mastered mindfulness and therefore existence by just existing in the moment? Doesn't that put them above us? Personally, I think being at one with the Earth and not having an ego is superior to being a species which is primarily motivated by greed and self.
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