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    Default Technology advancement in Firearms

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Alex and I am from Columbia, I want your opinion about technology advancement in firearms. According to you which technical advancement has the most influence on firearms? Can you tell me any of your favorite firearm brand/company , or which has the most advance shooting accessories.


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    This could be a really interesting thread but I dont know how popular firearms ownership and innovation are on this forum, if you know of any good links, magazines or resources share them (I know you are asking yourself but I thought maybe you were possibly not starting out from complete scratch).

    I know my own knowledge stems from a lot of books on firearms or small arms I have from whenever I was a teenager or younger, they are all badly dated, like the heckler and koch was popularly featured as cutting edge, some of the feature SLRs and Sterling submachine guns (I think those are discontinued are they?) and the "future tech" weapons in them are things which never made it off the drawing board or are bullpup designs like the French foreign legion guns or the horizontal mag loading weapons like those in Stargate SG1.

    There was a strange weapon that Darrel uses at the end of the last season of Walking Dead that I watched to the finish, season seven, and I really wonder about it.

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    Modern gunpowder as opposed to older black powder. It creates a cleaner more powerful burn and changed all modern firepower. Definitely one of the most far reaching advancements in firearm technology. Also cased ammunition that began appearing at the end of the American Civil War.

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