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    Quote Originally Posted by Survive & Stay Free View Post
    This should not be possible.
    It is for people who are self-loathing and desperate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Brainz View Post
    Im honestly flattered you think I can build a rocket .
    Frankly, it was a decision made out of sheer nepotism. You're the only person I've "friended". It pays to put yourself forward, I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Brainz View Post
    By the way I dont blame you for picking D at all since it is a rather more shall we say interesting result than the other 3 plus we can put a camera on your head and observe your chimp mind slowly get madder and madder in the confines of this rocket
    That's what's going to happen, since you're locking me up with those other chimps. Who said they could come along for the ride?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Brainz View Post
    but then I do care for the rights of living beings so I shall make my rocket chimp friendly such as installing climbing frames
    Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Brainz View Post
    poop throwing areas (Im combining A and D and putting other chimps in with you as its a experiment to see how semi-sapient animals thrive in isolation)
    And how are the designated boundaries of these arenas going to be enforced so that the whole vessel doesn't become one big stinky mess?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Brainz View Post
    and then you shall have cameras implanted into your eyes so your eyes are always taking photographs and replying them back to Earth what happens on board the rocket and what you see
    I think I would actually consent to that in advance, since I would want to watch the footage if you ever found a way to regress me back to human.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Brainz View Post
    and we may even send to en route to Mars .
    That's cool.

    We're going to have to talk about this "putting other chimps in with you" thing, though.

    On the other hand, a human handler might be valuable. Someone with a sidekick mentality, though. Maybe an INTP.

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