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    Default What is the future for wearable tech?

    What is the future for wearable tech? Or has it reached peak wearable tech already?

    I know that the obvious concern about wearable tech may actually be a social cocern, ie its liable to theft, either from the home or the person, the latter could be combined with assault or an attack of some sort, but that aside, I presume its not something which has been fully and completely exploited yet, what do you think?

    The last which I actually saw which interested me was a bracelet which projected a picture backwards onto the arm which was an interactive picture of a screen such as that one an android, I dont know but I guess I presume it would need to be supported by an original android device like a fit bit is already.

    Do you think that this minimalist, small functionality is the future or bigger, bulkier, more obvious tech which is apparently wearable tech, like a Pip Boy style design from Fallout, do you think that the future of wearable tech will be more dictated by style and design or by technological advancements, interconnectivity of devices and the internet of things? Like when mobile phones had fewer functions there were a greater diversity in styles, clam, swivel, flip, slide etc. but now the functions, apps, memory, connectivity, even the network, battery life can be more important things than the handset itself.

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    neuron chips are soon on the way, it's sort of creepy to notice how quickly innovations are way to the post-human era

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    I keep hearing about things like smart clothing, Google glass, or the SixthSense, but it never quite seems ready to take off/for prime time. One thing I did hear about was a wearable sensor for kids prone to seizures to predict the onset of their next seizure. VR seems to be the one exception with VR video games and porn for the Oculus Rift

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