Alien seekers report 15 more fast radio bursts from distant source | Space | EarthSky

On a more enlightened note,

"Breakthrough Listen – a global astronomical initiative to find signs of intelligent life in the universe, launched in 2015 by Internet investor Yuri Milner and cosmologist Stephen Hawking – has detected 15 more brief but powerful radio pulses from FRB 121102, a mysterious source associated with a galaxy in the distant universe. Fast radio bursts are unpredictable bright pulses of radio emission, of extremely short duration (on the order of milliseconds), from largely unknown sources. FRB 121102 is the only one known to repeat. The new Breakthrough Listen observations, made with the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, bring the total of known high-energy bursts from this strange object to more than 150."

"A much more speculative idea is that the bursts are directed energy sources used by extraterrestrial civilizations to power spacecraft. Hence Breakthrough Listen’s interst [sic] in this object. Their August 29, 2017 statement about the 15 new bursts said:"

I'm not saying it was aliens. But it was aliens.