I've only ever had my first car and I love it, think it's beautiful and I like to treat it right.
I bought it used and had it shipped here across England and spent almost as much on the car as I did getting it a clean bill of health with 0 advisories for its road worthiness test. It's a 2001 VW Golf mk 3.5 Cabriolet 2.0L 5 speed manual, not sure if S/SE or whatever; all electronic windows, air conditioning/power top, all works... and I love it.
Looks stock except for this aftermarket Bluetooth stereo that I like, also this car has a recent cam belt change; nobody gave this car any respray or body kit or nothing and I like that, compared to some of the others I saw as I was looking for cars and decided I wanted this one (because modified cars cost more to insure).

What I love about my car... When it's hot out, I love the AC in my car; roof up, windows up, AC on and I'm good, also, I do love driving it around with the roof down too in the sun or night, not when it's cold out; but my convertible is warm with it's heater on when it's cold out as well, so I like that about my car too.

What do you drive?