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    Quote Originally Posted by Floki View Post
    There are countless reasons to be concerned about the integrity of your data on a public network, even if you don't have many valuable items on your device. Identity theft comes in a number of forms, some of which do not require a large quantity of centralized information to perform. For instance, the information security community calls it "jigsawing" when an attacker collects bits of seemingly insignificant information to form a complete picture of who you are and how your data can be exploited. It's the equivalent of what a dumpster diver would do when piecing together shredded paperwork. Furthermore, even if just your phone or laptop gets compromised on a public network, the implications stretch further than that single node. For example, if you take your compromised machine to home or work, it could serve as a foothold for an attacker to gain further entry into your personal network or your company's network. Do you want to be that person who was found to have let a worm loose in your business environment? In any case, it would be, at best, an inconvenience if your machine got bricked just because you accidentally logged into a spoofed network. Who likes inconveniences like that? Moreover, it is not a strong likelihood that such an attacker would be apprehended. Most breaches are only discovered too long after the fact to respond with effective legal action. It's therefore ideal to prevent them before they occur.
    Oh, fine. I won't use public wifi. wait does that include McDonald's and hotels?.-. Nnooo ;^; ok, well, what if I don't use spoofed network.... :v jkjk I get your point. Oh, gosh that'd be hella shitty if they expose me watching porn on a Hotel network. Like wtf.

    Omg, are you saying I won't be able to identify if the attacker was there or not? Jfc. That's intense. I have so many questions tbh, just ugh so much information to take in since I'm not tech savy. RIP

    But, rlly on a scale of 1-100 what are the reality changes of being hacked for me? Maybe 10%? Maybe 3%.... If it was so bad why is isn't banned in public networks? And if I was in a business yeah I'd should be hella careful about data information. I just don't know much about it. I bet your saying by signing to my phone and taking it home could open the virus. That is such an inconvenience. I wonder what kind of hacker does that. At least I don't keep my money n the bank. And why would they want my identity? I don't even work for a business, ffs. I wish I cared more about it but its kinda difficult personally to when I was suicidal and shit. Fuck life and its problems. So, its unlikely I'd get "legal" work done. Good show btw, Floki. Happy 4th of late July!
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    Latest news is, of course, you can't trust your internet traffic to your ISP, and you can't even trust it to a VPN provider. Been busying myself lately setting up my own VPN Server on a VPS. The idea is that I'll have my own private network connecting to my own router, which tunnels through my ISPs connection through to the VPN Server and then egresses through my VPS. CONTROL.

    Loosely based on this setup, but with a different server host and implementation: How to setup a VPN in 15 min for 5$ on Digital Ocean - Step by Step Guide

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