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    Attached is the story of scientists who are testing using bone to transmit data throughout the body. What are possible implications for the use of this do you think? How will social networking be changed by the simple use of a handshake? Will we start measuring degrees of separation through people we know? How long before everyone knows each other based on friends and acquaintances and gets a "degree of separation" report with each hand-shake?

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    I can see some possibilities that would be beneficial, certainly. It would allow medicines to be delivered more efficiently, report useful data about a person upon greeting, make communication easier, and other such things.

    But on the negative side, somehow, I fear that they might demand that people have implants formally, either by the government, insurance companies, or employers. They could be potentially misused to harm people if the wrong person figured out the defects in the system. It might even be used to keep track of people. The idea of having something that vibrates implanted in my skeleton makes me a little uneasy somehow.

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