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    Default Color for the Colorblind

    EnChroma | Color For The Color Blind

    Apparently people are smart and made glasses that allow colorblind people to see colors.

    Why isn't this a bigger deal?! I freaked out when I saw the buzzfeed thing about the guy putting them on.. People that previously needed color to do certain jobs can actually have something to help them get those jobs--not to mention just experience color in general.

    Also, apparently this guy (according to Colorlab podcast: Colors - Radiolab ) has created a sort of cone-injection that allows people to experience color on their own and mentioned something about the FDA having to have benefits outweigh risks... I think something like this is FAR more beneficial than, say, botox injections for appearances. This guy could potentially have a cure for colorblindness in the future, and these glasses are a temporary safe solution until then.

    Was anyone else in the dark about this stuff?!
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    Yeah I just have to comment on this, it is absolutely astounding to me what medical advances can offer nowadays. Medicine in general is fascinating, how natural and synthetic products have been experimentsed and studied to sych an extent that they are able to cure some very obscure and particular diseases. The thing is, that even though people share the name of the same condition, it is a very individual thing with personally unique manifestations. Disease is a very solitary thing, but no one wants to face it so it gets dressed up as a badge of unity, a link. But medicine cures that, it actually becomes the person to an extent, and adds and changes the individual experience. And we can do it more so, the person who has had limited color vision can comfort themselves with the fact that this is a new opportunity. The person who is deaf, the person who is born disfigured, person who loses a limb... So much can be done to make their conciousness better.

    These glasses in particular are awesome, and I really don't understand how they have not gotten more attention. Have people become too numb? I mean look at what this is...
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    Seems very interesting!

    I've read a lot of positive reviews from people who are colorblind but it might not be effective for people who are strong Protan or Deutan though.

    Thought this video was interesting too.

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