California biohackers create night vision eye drops

The Tehachapi-based, independent “citizen science” group Science for the Masses created the sellable superpower after researching a natural molecule called Chlorin e6. Ce6 allows certain deep sea fish to see in the dark, and if Spider-Man has taught us anything other than what comes with great power, it’s that scientifically transferring animal abilities to humans is always awesome.
You can read the full report, but basically the experiment was a fascinating success. After applying the drops, scientists were able to clearly and instantly recognize people over 160 feet away in pitch blackness standing in the woods. Their eyes absorbed so much more light they even had to wear sunglasses indoors despite the risk of looking like incognito celebrities.
A Review on Night Enhancement Eyedrops Using Chlorin e6

Very cool. These biohackers are doing science outside the corporate and academic settings because it's more fun and interesting. All we need next is for passage of "right to try" legislation so that these types of experimental chemicals will be more accessible to the public.