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    Default Similarities between Microsoft software and malware

    • Both require special provisions to get rid of if you accidentally download it (like the Bing bar).
    • Both try to take your identity for their own purposes (Windows 8 requires you to create a Microsoft live account, and unless you are careful will move things like Skype and so on to using live).
    • Both attempt to install software you don't want (most specifically the Microsoft Live related crap including the messaging service, and the skydrive from which you cannot attach things to emails).
    • Both try to exploit user ignorance for monetary gain (attempts at installation of subscription services like their crappy "security center" which will require you to pay for later on).

    Now that Microsoft has nothing close to a monopoly on OS's like they did before, why do we put up with its Malware behavior?

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
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    IMO Microsoft "grew up" on being functionality oriented and not experience oriented. I sometimes question it myself... you can literally see Microsoft painfully trying move past "function oriented"... it's like a geeky older person dancing around in a group of hipsters trying to desperately imitate them.

    Look up any category of app in the Windows store and you will see what I mean.

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