TLDR: Pretty much ALL THE THINGS happen to smokers because smoking sucks and cancer doesn't look cool.


Quotes for people who don't care to click:

A new study adds at least five diseases and 60,000 deaths a year to the toll taken by tobacco in the United States. Before the study, smoking was already blamed for nearly half a million deaths a year in this country from 21 diseases, including 12 types of cancer.
In addition to the well-known hazards of lung cancer, artery disease, heart attacks, chronic lung disease and stroke, the researchers found that smoking was linked to significantly increased risks of infection, kidney disease, intestinal disease caused by inadequate blood flow, and heart and lung ailments not previously attributed to tobacco.
The diseases that had previously been established by the surgeon general as caused by smoking were cancers of the esophagus, stomach, colon, liver, pancreas, larynx, lung, bladder, kidney, cervix, lip and oral cavity; acute myeloid leukemia; diabetes; heart disease; stroke; atherosclerosis; aortic aneurysm; other artery diseases; chronic lung disease; pneumonia; influenza; and tuberculosis.
I suppose my question is for the actual conversation on the topic.. For people who DO smoke, or who did and haven't quit 100% for over 5 years, does health have a reflection on your desire to smoke? Do things like this information actually motivate quitting at all? I've seen studies saying that it really doesn't encourage people to quit... long term vs short term gratification and all that jazz. But does it truly have any influence on your decision making? Or is it just background noise for whatever motivates you to quit/continue.