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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilogen View Post
    God, I hope they're outlawed. I love driving.

    Damn the day when a man can no longer guide the direction of his own vehicle or his own feet.
    I already have fantasies of tearing up the streets in a 2018 Hellcat while the vast majority are puttering around in all-electric automatons

    I also though do wish for a bubble car completely featureless on the inside, with a curved screen wrapped around the interior and grass flooring. I'll smoke joints making laps on the loop and stop off at bars for whiskey and Shiner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chthonic View Post
    I predict the cars safety features will make them a PITA to be in since it will probably cause the vehicle to sit chonically below speed limits, stop for every minor article on the road, and resist overtaking in all except circumstances were the object in front is practically stationary. On the plus side you can probably have a fully lie lat sleeper which means you can doze off for the additional 7hrs it will take you to arrive at your destination.
    Nah, one of the first things to have self driving will probably be transport services and they're going to do everything they can to make sure things arrive on time because it costs money.

    Car culture will be the last thing effected. If you're a trucker or cab driver you better watch out for your job.

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