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As someone who is naturally infertile I find this kind of thing a bit perplexing. Yes I can sympathise with the desire for something that the body will not give. Everyone can, how many of us have experienced a longing for something we are just not physically equipped for? But I'm not sure I really approve of this kind of high handed tinkering when there are other solutions that will give something back (apart from a science prize for frankenchild of the year.) Adoption being one of those options that gives back to a needy child.

Are we in that desperate need of procreation that we simply must use vast resources, money and surgical tinkering to achieve such ends? People everywhere in the world have to accept limitations on their body they wish were not there. It's part of life. I would like to see these resources go towards something able to improve the lives of a vast number of people (like a cure for AIDs) rather than a privileged few. Just because we can do something, doesn't mean we automatically should.
I have to wonder what natural infertile means.