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    Generally when it comes to operating systems you could say that with windows you need to spend hours on getting it to work and if you dont want your computer to slow down or have some bugs in the system, you need to format and reinstall the windows regularly. With linux its a gamble, either it works or you need to know how to code. Mac os just simply works(except some people has had some issues with newest version of the os since it was released bit too early, luckily i havent had any problems with it).
    I agree with your criticisms of windows, which is why I don't use it on my computers. I like apple even less, though for different reasons, which is why I use linux. Modern distributions are relatively seamless, so you only need to tinker if you want to. I enjoy the learning experience, but if I don't have time and can't be bothered about something, I just use the GUI provided. I wouldn't dream of windows on a phone; will probably opt for some android device if I eventually get one. And a removable battery is a must.
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    The speakers on my phone are so loud they amaze people, and that's what I care about. Are you twelve?

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