Hey all,

I've been eye-balling some Chromebooks lately as my computing needs these days are fairly minimal and I like the price point of the Chromebooks/boxes.
Also, my contract is up for renewal with AT&T in September where I can get another phone and I've been thinking of making the switch to Android.

I like Apple. LOVE Apple in fact, and I have a lot of music purchased on iTunes, but Apple's price point for a lot of their products is pretty high and while I don't mind spending more for a premium service, I've been hearing a lot of good things about Andriod/Google-ecosystem and I'm wondering if I can get a lot of the same services I'm getting now but at a cheaper price.

Ultimately what I'm looking for is a cloud-based ecosystem in which all of my email, contacts, appoints, and documents are synced up and I can be as mobile as I can be. Apple does this very well thus fa but I've heard from some that Google does this better.

As such, I have the following questions

1) How well is the synergy between Chrome/Chrome OS with Android? I'm assuming all of my contacts and emails and such that would sync in Gmail would sync without any issues with an Android phone or would I be incorrect in this? I'm not expecting Android apps to work in Chrome (AFAIK nobody has that sort of synergy between their mobile platforms and their desktop platforms) but what I want to know is will the emails/contacts/calender appointments all sync up?

2) Does anyone that have both a Chromebook and an Android have any issues or concerns in regards to syncing data?

3) How well does Android play with Google Drive, in terms of opening and editing files and such within it?

4) I understand that I can transfer my iTunes library to Google Play - does anyone have any experience with this? Also, how IS Google Play?

Let me know your thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it