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    Default What camera should I get?

    For my 21st this year I asked for a camera, specifically the Canon SX50 HS PowerShot. This has features such as face recognition (won't really need this for the work I will be doing), 200x digital zoom (50x optical) (I think this is one of the stronger points since it'll allow me to capture things far away that I don't have to get close to, or can't), Image stabilization (another good feature), raw support (this will allow me to have more detailed images and be able to work with them better) but a small aperture range and lower battery life (about 315 shots I think) than the SX40 HS.

    I am wondering if there are any better alternatives for a web designer that costs around 515 USD (about 600 dollars where I live). I am primarily interested in just capturing images and not so much videos. So far I like the one that I've picked but I'm just keeping my options open in case there is an even greater deal that exists somewhere.

    I would like to hear your opinions and experiences.

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    Too easy.


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