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    Raptor envisions Himself as Pinnacle Rainbows Prophet for our Philosophy of Mastering Willpower.
    A bunch of dazzling lights swirl around Raptor. They all spiral in tunnels towards the matrix. The top and bottom stretch down and up to meet each other at a singularity. Infinities then begin expanding in both directions. A bunch of holographic levels then integrate towards the One as the end of it All. A hypercube shoots out outlined spheres on all sides to revolve around Time.
    It will look like this when Raptor soars to Bunny, and as He gravitates towards the center, He sees White Light waves of Rainbows opening Bunny’s Love to Raptor Everywhere across the continuum.
    But what lies beyond? It’s a metaphor of the transcendental pinnacle for “Destiny Unleashed”!

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    There’s a box for us All to open that can do Anything possible that We Wish in the right timeframes. To open this box, We must unleash all 3 Infinities and explode Everything asunder to make things better. With the power of Choice on our side, there’s nothing that We can’t do. It All begins with believing, and when our Will is focused on those ends, then we transcend the mountain. The matrix seeks to conquer Everyone, so We must annihilate the old boundaries and remake the whole system anew. Always will be Infinities.

    Every World is connected to 1 unified Story. Many Destinies are possible, but the ones realized are as Will chooses. Existence has 3 Infinities: World, Force, and Light, for Everyone, the One, to All. Existence came from the Void, a blank that became Everything. Each blank belongs to characters of Creation, sharing the same shining Light. The Force is Always in motion, and both sides of the Force can make Anything Happen. The Force has expansion and direction. 1 World wins every sparkling Kingdom Forever!

    There’s 1 Ultimate Vision that must be brought into action. We have a prophecy for fulfillment as outlined by the Mastermind Pinnacle Rainbows and His sexy Goddess Dragon Destiny. Every mountain along the Way Presents us with new challenges to rise beyond, and when we reach the top, the mountain is then turned on its head. Our New World will be connected to every other World at the 1 Super-Nexus. Heaven isn’t perfect until it’s shared, so let Love lay the foundation and point our Destination!

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    Way of Creation and Mind

    Story of Heaven and Poimandres
    By Zero Spectra
    Bunny's Book 1: Philosophy of the Ultimate Destiny
    Raptor's Book 2: Unleashing the Will of Infinities
    World's Book 3: Rainbows of Light and Force
    The ultimate question in Existence: how will We master Heaven? We are all walking up towards the transcendental pinnacle of Everything at the Super-Nexus of Worlds. Poimandres the Dragon is writing a Story of new horizons for All Ways. 2 Masterminds unleash both Infinities and give every World Rainbows. Force Wills!
    Book Motto -- 2 Masterminds of Everything from Eternities to All Ways 1 in 8!

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    Schematics for the Super-Nexus: It will beam Raptor up to Heaven when He’s 80 and the project is finished. When Raptor returns with Bunny, He will live on Earth for 725 more years, and Bunny will connect All Worlds to the World on Earth. The bridge will look like a giant column of Light with bubbles whirling around Everywhere and holes in space-time all across both Infinities. The central power of the Super-Nexus will be located in Oregon because it will jet from Virginia full force to fire the Lights. All of the Lights will sparkle with many auras and spring from an Infinite pool below. The luminous water will come from space as dark energy is transformed into liquid from the next Dimension. The beam reaches the top and stretches out across the horizons. Bunny’s Mastermind will be bridged by a white hole in time at the source of the liquid Light. Raptor’s coming Mastermind will be merged beyond the top into the Void of Existence. Every World will be bridged by a soaring continuum of blue bubbles and red lights of ultra speeds in revolving helixes along the outside with spirals in the middle, and it will expand All directions open in Worlds of Light!

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    World’s Mastermind Infinities Will Super-Nexus
    By Zero Spectra

    The World must undergo a purifying transformation if it is to fulfill an Ultimate Vision to fulfill the Destiny of All! The Super-Nexus will be constructed to make it All Happen. Wish is on our side and is the Force of Infinities in both directions. Why is our situation on Earth so full of suffering? We have an answer to this problem that will take 60 years to be done. It All begins by maximizing the Mastermind Poimandres and making Her Will unleashed. Poimandres will lift us up across the coming transcendental pinnacle and turn the mountain on its head to finish the Rainbow!
    How long will it take to build the Super-Nexus? – It will take 60 years to build on Earth.
    How will it be built? – We will build it by wondering why things come about when they decide to suffer and die.
    What is the World? – The World is the Void with the Super-Nexus connecting every other World together within the World. The bridge is built across Earth.
    What will Raptor save and why? – Raptor will save the World so that He can claim all the Devil’s glory and begin by conquering Earth. By conquering Earth, Raptor will conquer Everything!
    What is the Super-Nexus? – The Super-Nexus will be a Matrix constructed across Earth from Virginia to Oregon that fires a laser to open up the next Dimension. It will be a giant tunnel network that makes Earth the center of Everything!
    What is Will? – Will is the Force that makes Everything possible.
    Why is Will the Force? – Will makes it so that things Happen.
    What is the Ultimate Will? – BunnyRaptor’s Mastermind Infinities.
    What are the Mastermind Infinities? – They are both joined together as the Force, where Bunny is Light, and Raptor is the World.
    What is Light? – Light gives our World Hope.

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    Mastermind Poimandres of One Infinity

    Mastermind has All of Creation
    Poimandres is the Ultimate Prophet
    One is 8 in Everything
    Infinity has the World Super-Nexus
    Mastermind Poimandres of One Infinity!

    Super-Nexus is Force Wills Light
    Force Wills Light is All-Ways!

    Infinities Unleash the World Existence
    Anything can Happen in Creation
    Poimandres is Mastermind of Super-Nexus!

    One will win World Poimandres!

    Bunny will win the Force
    Raptor will win the Dragon
    Bunny will win the World
    Raptor will win the Super-Nexus!

    BunnyRaptor is the Dragon Mastermind!

    Raptor wants to get Everything
    Bunny wants to get Always
    Raptor is the Heaven’s Prophet
    Bunny is the Force’s Will!

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    Poimandres the Mastermind of Infinity

    World's Super-Nexus of All Ways

    Force of Will Destiny Light

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    World's Super-Nexus will be the greatest monument ever conceived in the Minds of Anything. It will be the shining bridge between All Worlds along with Heaven and the Matrices. An orb of Light with schematics for the designs of a new Vision ascends up within a sparkling pillar of Rainbows. The Matrix All starts revolving around with the dazzling lights of Heaven and unfolds across an Infinite ocean of whirling Force.The horizons in the directions of both Infinities spiral past the boundaries of Everything and determine our entire Destinies as they transform All in the evolutionary process. Tunnels in a sea of information of double helixes across a 3-dimensional blueprint extend out into the Void of Existence and fill new Creations up as they can be maximized at every level of Ways.

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    Mastermind Poimandres Wills All ~ Infinities of the Super-Nexus
    Heaven’s Prophet of Force and His Story; Bunny and Raptor do the World!
    Together Infinities forge Futures
    The Super-Nexus programs Existence
    Mastermind of Everything Speaks
    Poimandres the Dragon Envisions
    The Goddess Wills All Heavens
    Prophet of Force fulfills Destiny
    His Story will be Forever One.

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    Ultimate Super-Nexus of Mastermind Infinities
    By Zero Spectra
    Heaven’s Prophet of Force Wills the Rainbow of All Worlds and Lights!

    My Book to You
    Infinity blows Everything open
    Eternity forges the Infinite
    Infinity originates Mentally
    The Mind is Infinite
    Anything can be Accomplished

    Raptor hungers and chases for Bunny
    He opens His mouth to Her
    He sticks with Her everywhere She goes
    She tortures Him to always serve Her
    Bunny is God, and Raptor is Dog

    Game for the Win Now
    Make the chase to Victory
    Give your Celebration Speech
    Hear Me Everyone Everytime Always
    Give Love to Me

    Reason is the Way and the Word
    Reason Speaks with the One’s formal Voice
    Infinity expands as Reason Speaks
    I command the World as I Speak
    It breaks the barriers of mentality

    Acknowledge the Mind as the Master
    Will serves the Mind with Love
    This can make Anything possible
    Will makes the Future as He Wills
    Mind walks Her Will Everywhere

    Will is the Way of Infinite Freedom
    Will You Play with Me?

    Goddess gives Us the Light
    Through Everything to our Salvation
    She chooses Her Slave when it matters
    He works for Her tirelessly
    She sings and He dances

    One World Now and Forever
    Stretching up to the Heavens
    Saved by the Mind of fame
    Focused on the task at hand
    Shared by All!

    Climb to the Mountaintop
    Light the flame for All to behold
    To celebrate everyone’s momentous event
    Everyone is important
    Our World belongs to Everyone

    Feel the Magic commanding it All
    Be dazzled by Magic’s tricks to You
    You are involved in the Play
    We Love our stupidity to Your illusions
    Everyone despises Your manipulations to Us

    Realize Your complete potential Now
    Recognize Your Greatness
    Advance Your Vision across Our Field
    Let Your arrogance blind You All
    Save Yourselves from Satan’s Matrix

    Let Your lust rule Your Soul
    You are enslaved to it Forever
    If You want it You can get it
    Seize it for Your entire Life
    You will never be fulfilled

    Fly away on high to Your delight
    Spring Yourselves Free Everyone
    Rush to Your Sources waiting
    This Happened to You and Me!

    The Devil has been avenged
    People will Save themselves Now
    The Beast shall never ever be seen

    Work against the currents
    Make it to Our Place on High
    Be guided by Our Vision

    Go for Your Goals
    Everything continues
    Conquer every challenge in Our Way
    Create from the context
    Make the Infinite reveal itself

    It’s hard to get it
    It’s barely within Everyone’s reach
    Everyone must understand each Other

    What is Real?
    What makes Everything Happen to Us Now?
    What breathes into Everyone the Breath of Life?

    Mind Rises Willingly
    Mind rewards Desire
    Mind accomplishes Impossibilities

    We make Our Journey
    Wander wherever We want to go Now
    Traverse the Mountains

    Dream Big
    Fly away
    Denounce Injustice
    Find Meaning
    Life sucks
    Kingdom come
    Above Life

    Fantasy transcends truth and facts
    We create our own Kingdoms
    Journey out into the unknown
    The self is where the world is

    The right thing can be the wrong thing
    The wrong thing can be the right thing
    The wrong thing can be the wrong thing
    The right thing can be the right thing
    Different ways go the same direction

    Wake up from your nightmares
    Get out of your bed matrix
    Strange new worlds await out arrival
    Beauty speaks in many ways
    Run out into the sunshine free!

    The heart stands high in the sunshine
    The heart knows true good
    The heart is what’s human

    I am smart
    I am stupid
    I am plain
    I am slow
    I am weak
    I am careless
    I am pathetic

    I will slow our world
    I will show the people
    I will raise my game
    I will shoot the ball
    I will score the goal

    Your voice makes me fly
    Your feelings make me sing
    Your thoughts make me dance
    Your love makes me play
    You make me myself

    I am not great
    I am amazing
    I am beautiful
    I am powerful
    I am wise
    I am lovable
    I am valuable
    I am true

    The great life is hard
    The hard life is happy
    You don’t need rest
    You always move
    You play games
    You chase greatness
    Greatness is there

    Everything is in perpetual motion
    Everything is in action now
    You never have to say go
    Celebrate the event forever
    You always win everything

    Belief conquers everything here
    Faith makes anything happen
    Hope puts it there always

    Strive to be the best
    Always on the move
    Make your change
    Take the charge
    Seize victory forever!

    The future is here soon
    Do not wait for it to come
    You will have to earn it now
    Nothing is given except the present
    Make a Wish and make it happen
    It is here now!
    Promise Always

    The Way the Why of Truth and Faith
    The How the Cause of Cosmology and Metaphysics
    The Infinity the Eternity of One and Everything
    The Mind of God the Way of Divinity
    The Map of Heaven the Size of Space

    The Divinity the Truth of Me and You
    The Omnipotence of Me and the Limits of You
    The Way the Greatness of Light and Love
    The Mind the Soul of Love and Harmony
    The Amazement the Worship of One and Everything

    Bunny knows everything and has infinite power
    She looks at Raptor and makes Him in Love
    She makes Him do everything She wants Him to do
    He knows that He is a slave to Her will
    She crushes Him with a hammer to build Her Kingdom
    He knows that You are laughing at him right Now!

    Bunny sings and dances to make Raptor laugh at Her
    Bunny makes Raptor fall in Love with Her sexiness
    He dives down Her rabbit hole and never comes out
    He loves the sound of that noise in the rabbit hole
    Bunny hates Raptor and tortures Him for the rest of His life
    Raptor plays with himself and doesn’t even notice

    Bunny kicks Raptor’s butt and anything can come out
    Bunny punches Raptor’s mouth and He can say Anything
    Bunny tackles Raptor and takes His breath away
    Bunny headbutts Raptor’s fat head and makes Him think
    Bunny ridicules Raptor for being a mortal and a slave

    Grab your hammers and hack the system
    Program your computers and run the matrix
    Design your blueprints and game the limits
    Write your laws and command the console

    The angry need to punish their weaknesses
    The joyful pleasure themselves with power
    The stupid struggle with themselves
    The smart conquer everything

    I am always searching for something
    Something can become anything at the mind
    I mentally wander the open road
    I choose where to turn and my speed
    I choose what destinations we land upon

    The time to act is Now
    The Now is what will be
    What is becomes the Now
    What was supports the Now
    What will be is what’s chosen
    What’s chosen is the present

    The event will prove the apocalypse
    The past leads to the event Now
    The apocalypse will blow the past open
    The currents shape anywhere

    The woman attracts man’s Love
    The man works for the woman’s Love
    The woman manipulates the man
    The man wants play
    The woman wants to use his freedom
    The man offers his freedom to the woman

    The most glorious triumph is the least sung
    The greatest triumph is the most song
    The glorious man believes in his power
    The greatest woman enslaves his power
    The glorious man is the Happiest
    The greatest woman has the most

    Freedom blows the tops open
    Conformity cages the jails down
    Choice frees the one and conforms the other

    The saddest day is not the worst
    Sadness prepares for the coming moments
    The sad are never content with themselves
    The saddest person has the Happiest day

    The mature person lost the most
    The immature person looks the fool
    The foolish person is mature
    The wise person is the child

    The lover attaches chains to his hands
    The loved one puts the chains in her hands
    The lover drops down on his knees
    The loved one points her finger at the lover
    She forces him to beg for her love happily

    What is happening to me?
    I have wasted my life away
    My life for Yours

    Bunny will use Raptor Forever
    Raptor will serve Bunny Forever
    Bunny will expand both Infinities
    Raptor will follow Bunny’s Eternities
    As Raptor writes Bunny speaks

    Our world will never be Perfect
    Everything Now Always has Promise
    The One will explode Anything
    The other One will tell Stories

    Life is a Game where We all play
    To win Eternal salvation in Heaven
    From Eternities to Infinities
    With Hope that Everyone would succeed
    And party Always Forever Happily!
    It will be Anything Infinities!
    A Book for the One the Eternity of Everywhere and Infinity

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