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    Default Dimensional Theory and Gravity

    I was over on the philosophy forum on the thread where we talked about time, and I brought up some information that showed that time (or decay, rather) is a dimension of the 4th dimension and is actually not present in the 3rd dimension we live in.

    When we look at a cube, we see three attributes. Length, Width, and Depth, which are each one of the first three dimensions that we perceive in the the 3rd dimensional plane, but in the 4th dimension, instead of seeing a cube, you would see a figure that can only be described through 3 dimensional terms as a tesseract because you add another entire dimension, decay. Since the 4th dimension is a linear plane unlike the folding plane of the 3rd dimension and the split plane of the 2nd dimension, looking at any object in the 4th dimension would actually be looking at that object's timeline in one, unified point, chronologically showing the creation and annihilation of the object (not to mention each and every bacteria or subatomic particle in the object). However, since we are 3rd dimensional beings, we can only experience time through what could be interpreted as a bleeding effect (which was hypothesized by theoretical physicists who are using extremely high level math that would make calculus seem like basic arithmetic) that makes attributes of higher dimensional planes leak into lower dimensional planes. In the third dimension, we experience the fourth dimensional attribute of time as situational motion (i.e. aging/changing/displacing), but it does not exist in the same dimension we do because it is not a tangible property (in the 3rd dimension).

    Through this bleeding effect and the theory of how immense gravity can warp time, I wonder if gravity is in a much higher dimensional plane than time is, bleeding through each of the dimensional levels and trickling down to the 4th dimension, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st as a property that can't be observed by 3rd dimensional or 4th dimensional standards but can be experienced and is experienced. Thoughts guys?

    For comprehension help:
    The 0, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dimensions respectively : fig001.png
    The 4th dimension : 2-wireframehypercubeprojectededit1.jpg
    The 5th dimension (the extra colored lines are because it is in hyper-perspective format) : five_dim_cube_hyper_perspective.gif
    The 6th dimension : cube.jpg
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