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    Oh yes! My professor told us about this recently. It's amazing that it would be possible for us to not know about even all of the ligaments we have in our bodies! Crazy.
    @msg_v2 - Yup, I can verify that things tend to look like a giant mess when you go about dissecting cadavers. One of the students that was dissecting one of ours mistakenly removed an entire system of nerves because they couldn't tell what was going on (brachial plexus, if you're interested). Granted, a professional would not make such a mistake, but it is true that it's hard to tell where everything is at first. Not to mention all of the fat everywhere...

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    Ha. Yes stinky indeed.

    Hm. So apparently they suspected SOMETHING was there, but my understanding is that they hadn't designated it as a ligament, per se, until just recently. In 1879, they had identified it as a "pearly resistant fibrous band."
    It's really strange how long it took for them to properly investigate that. I guess proper science just takes time? I was watching a YouTube video about how a new species of animal, the Olinguito, had been discovered that was kept in a museum for decades already. Of course, the person who discovered the new species had to do research on the matter and find more samples in other museums before officially declaring it to be a new species.

    Here is the video if anyone is interested:

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    That guy is never going to know that he's been vindicated but that is bleeding awesome that as far back as that someone had the smarts to guess even if the tech hadnt been invented to prove them correct yet.
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