Does anyone have any recommendations in terms of books or links or other sources in terms of learning "from the ground up" about technology on the mass or consumer market? I figure that there's a lot of technology which people are regularly using, myself included, which they dont know a lot about, I've posted about this before and since then have tried rough guides and dummies books but they dont really do the trick, I've waid through tons of wikis which are pretty varied in their quality.

I figure that there was a time when people were able to, particularly if they had a strong interest, in doing work on their cars, stripping and reassembling etc. it occurs to me that that may have been in part because a car was the major consumer durable they could have owned, now I know that its debatable whether things like iPods and laptops are consumer durables or fast moving consumer goods but that's besides the point.

Are there any resident technies who could clue in outsiders and non-initiates?